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July 13, 2019 Mark McGlothin


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Your lobby is the first impression people have of your building and CLS assures that first impression is always spectacular.  We specialize in the care and maintenance of all types of flooring, so from the first step into your building you make a statement of cleanliness, health and shine. The cleaning chemicals we use leave your facility smelling fresh and clean, not overly disinfected.

While waiting in the reception area, visitors have time to closely evaluate floors, surfaces, walls, and overall cleanliness. We make sure this area is beyond the white glove test to assure your facility surpasses the scrutiny of even the most discriminating eyes.

People appreciate restrooms that are clean, orderly, well-stocked, and odor-free. Special attention is paid to reducing cross-contamination as we use  color-coded microfiber rags and flat mops that capture dirt, grime, and micro-organisms. High touch points are disinfected at each cleaning and are left uniformly clean, polished and streak-free. We use products that continue to eliminate odor-causing bacteria long after the cleaning process is over on floors, walls, and partitions.

Included in our maintenance package is regular high-pressure intensive cleaning of restrooms to assure the highest degree of hygiene, even in minuscule cracks and crevices. This is part of our regular service, whereas other companies will charge up to $100 per restroom.

Your restroom floors will be biofilm free and grout lines will maintain maximum brightness and cleanliness.  

Following industry standards, CLS uses an array of hospital-grade disinfectants, sanitizers, and cleaners that are most appropriate for the surfaces we are cleaning and disinfecting. Special attention is paid to assuring there is no cross contamination and our technicians are well-trained in giving disinfectants the right amount of dwell time in order to ensure effectiveness.

Breakrooms see high office traffic during the day with numerous coffee refills, microwave lunches, water refills and refrigerators stocked with lunches and leftovers. We pay special attention to cleaning and disinfecting the breakroom to keep your office healthy:

  • Wipe down of all cabinets, countertops, tables, chairs
  • Disinfecting of all high touch points, countertops
  • Refill paper towels as needed
  • Wipe down of interior refrigerator, coffee maker, microwave