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Commercial Cleaning Janitorial Services & Office Cleaning Collin County
November 6, 2019 Mark McGlothin

Keep restrooms disinfected

This is not only a necessity, but it is also a safety measure for both customers and employees. Restrooms are known to be high traffic areas within any office space, therefore they need to be thoroughly cleaned daily. Usually, this routine is handled by a cleaning employee, but if you run a small business, here are some key steps:

  • With disinfecting cleaner and a toilet brush, clean the toilet bowls. The seat, lid and outside circumference and the base of the commode will need to be wiped down as well. To keep the bowl fresh between cleanings, it is best to utilize deodorizing tabs or cakes.
  • The counter and sink need to have disinfecting cleanser applied to them as well.
  • The floors need to be both swept and mopped.
  • The following should be refilled: toilet tissue rolls, paper towel holders and liquid soap dispensers.

When not well maintained, restrooms can become a breeding ground for a number of things. Keep yourself, your employees and clients safe and healthy as they enter and exit the area. Ensure that they are able to thoroughly wash and dry their hands in order to eliminate the spreading of germs, bacteria and infections diseases.

Clean the break room

Storing and preparing food in this area is a good motivation for keeping this room immaculate. Cleaning the break room is a safety necessity, not to mention that it will also improve the overall morale of employees.

  • The refrigerator needs to remain organized and clean at all times. This can be accomplished by imposing a weekly disposal day. For example, notify all employees (or colleagues) that every Friday near the closing time, all items will be tossed out unless otherwise approved and marked. On the same day, the interior of the appliance will be wiped down.
  • At the completion of the last lunch break, the shelves, chairs, tables and sinks need to be disinfected thoroughly.
  • The exterior and interior of the microwave have to be cleaned as well, on a daily basis. Remnants left throughout the day from employee after employee heating and reheating their meal can leave a thick, hardened coating that can foster mold growth and more.
  • Dishes need to be washed and hand dried daily and the dish drainer needs to be wiped down as well.

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