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Concrete Floors Frisco Brother’s Janitorial

Concrete Floors Frisco Brother’s Janitorial
September 22, 2018 Mark McGlothin
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Let Frisco Brother’s Janitorial in Frisco Texas keep you abreast of all the dynamic growth and trends in the flooring industry is a daunting task. There always seems to be something new to learn.

One of the fastest growing segments of the flooring industry is concrete floors. Yes, concrete floors, believe it or not. While concrete has been around since the time of the Romans, it has traditionally been used as a core building material, an unfinished floor, or as a substrate for another flooring system.

The inherent flaws with unfinished concrete floors include dust, loose granules of sand, loose or missing aggregate in the surface, spalled surfaces, cracks, seams, blotchy appearance, etc. The list goes on. Regardless, we are now seeing a huge growth in the use of concrete floors as the “finished floor” itself.

Diamond polishing concrete floors can create gorgeous, mirror-like floors that take a minimal amount of care to maintain. In fact, the minimal amount of care required for polished concrete floors has become part of their appeal. I say minimal, because they still require cleaning. After all, they are not self-cleaning floors. The good news is that you can clean polished concrete floors with many different chemicals, most specifically, products like pH-neutral cleaners, mildly alkaline cleaners, or even bio-enzymatic cleaners. Just make sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, as not all concrete floors are created equal.

If the idea of a gorgeous, mirror-like concrete floor appeals to you, you’re not alone. Be aware, properly polishing concrete floors is not easy. It requires multiple steps that are quite sophisticated. First steps include proper preparation of the concrete floor through cleaning, degreasing, scarification, or grinding in order to level the floor surface and remove any contaminants. The next step is to use a sodium-based, potassium-based, lithium-based, or silica-based densifier (or hardening agent) and/or colored dyes. Now, and only now, the stage is set for diamond polishing.

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