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Floor Cleaning Frisco TX Janitorial

Floor Cleaning Frisco TX Janitorial
June 27, 2019 Mark McGlothin
Technology continues to advance the quality of floor finish products, addressing issues such as sticky floors, the need for frequent buffing, and premature stripping and re-finishing.
Our newest highly-advanced urethane floor finish system, Praetorian MightyOne HD4, is a two-part system that is perhaps the most advanced product we’ve seen.
It provides incredible performance with very low odor, a reduction in airborne and waste stream contaminants, and conservation of energy consumption.
We have seen this finish last for 18 to 24 months in moderate/high traffic areas without any buffing or burnishing in between with gloss ranges on VCT of 90 – 95o.
This urethane finish system has proven to be incredibly tolerant to everyday foot traffic such as marring, scratching, and abrasion. It is an ideal finish to apply before the harsh winter months!

We’ve seen many studies quoting swab results in facilities and the number of pathogens on various high-touch surfaces.

However, little is said about floors and the impact of proper cleaning.

There have been several studies that show traditional mopping can actually be responsible for contaminating floors.
Consider the number of times you set something on a hard floor, then pick it up and touch the bottom of it, such as boxes and purses. Pathogens are transferred onto your hands and then spread on surfaces as you go through your daily activities.
Additionally, the very nature of some types of floors encourage the harboring of pathogens, such as textured stone, vinyl, and grouted tile.

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