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Janitorial Frisco McKinney Plano Little Elm Prosper
November 23, 2018 Mark McGlothin
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Have you ever had that moment when you’re rushing to the bathroom, you finally get there and sit down, just to realize the stall or restroom is out of toilet paper?

According to Joel Craddock, CMI master trainer and president of Doc’s Facilities Solutions, improperly stocked restrooms are a leading cause of why building service contractors get fired by clients. Craddock’s insight may or may not come as a surprise, considering the restroom is noted as a top problem area in CMM surveys year after year. Studies have also shown building perception can be synonymous with restroom cleanliness.

If we stop to think about Craddock’s point, it may seem like tackling our biggest facility problem area should be as simple as replacing the toilet paper on a more regular basis. But we all know that’s not the case. Maintaining a well-stocked and clean restroom comes down to many other factors, including proper workloading, staff training, and having the right supplies and equipment in place.

Craddock suggests that taking advantage of the latest technology trends—such as smart restroom tools—can lend a hand in tightening up areas where we tend to find gaps in service. As noted in a recent CMM webinar, tools like these can provide real-time updates and feedback on both supply and sanitary issues.

During his session, Craddock will tackle several other challenges facility service providers regularly face in their operations, from employee retention and untraditional recruiting methods to selecting the right tools for completing a job.

Professionals in the cleaning and maintenance industry come to the ISSA Show to find solutions to their problems. Restrooms tend to be among the most problem-plagued areas of commercial facilities, requiring hours of cleaning and disinfection as well as regular stocking.

Restrooms can make or break the reputation of your building. Come to the Connection Corner Booth at the ISSA Show North America 2018 for workloading tips on keeping your facility’s restrooms sanitary and well-stocked.