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Janitorial Services Commercial cleaning Collin County

Janitorial Services Commercial cleaning Collin County
September 25, 2019 Mark McGlothin

Overall cleaning

At the end of the day, desk spaces need to be cleared off in order to keep clutter to a minimum. Desktops need to be wiped clean weekly, unless spills occur. In those instances, the areas need to be cleaned immediately and thoroughly. Ensure that desks are left expressly free of smudges, food crumbs and dust. This should be done monthly, unless you have a work environment that is barren of a break room or employees are permitted to snack and/or eat at their work station. In that case, the cleaning should occur on a weekly basis to prevent rodents, insects, mold, bacteria and germs.

  • All seating should be void of dust, stains and crumbs.
  • If you have reading materials (brochures, pamphlets, books and/or magazines) displayed within a waiting area for customers, ensure they are tidy and up to date.
  • Furniture, windows, blinds, wall hangings, plants, Knick knacks and shelves need to be dusted on a regular basis.
  • Clean marks from walls as they appear.
  • Handle finger prints and smudges from mirrors, windows and glass tops at the close of the business day.
  • Mop or vacuum the flooring.

Misc cleaning tips

  • When mopping floor , be sure to utilize safety signs informing those walking by that the floor is currently wet.
  • Get yourself and your employees or colleagues in the habit of maintaining a tidy work environment each day. Keep in mind that a minute of cleaning prevents the office from becoming overwhelming or depressing.
  • Opt for plastic or silk plants as opposed to real plants and flowers that require watering and tend to shed, wilt and contribute to customer and employee allergies.
  • Research the cost of getting a professional cleaning service. This will free up your schedule.
  • For a truly immaculate work space, disinfect the areas with a steam mop.
  • Have trash can liners at the bottom of trash cans within the office at all times. This will provide you with a quick method for replacing the bags.
  • Keep a swifter in a desk drawer for dusty days.
  • Keep a container of disinfectant wipes nearby. These are ideal for quick cleanups of coffee spills, lunch crumbs or miscellaneous messes that occur through the day.
  • When engaging in a thorough cleaning, remove all items, then clean. Never attempt to clean around items on a shelf or table.

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