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Office Cleaning & Janitorial Services Texas

Office Cleaning & Janitorial Services Texas
April 23, 2020 Mark McGlothin

11. Don’t forget the walls.

Jack’s Maintenance Service reminds us that walls are a part of commercial spaces, too! Especially in offices, where walls tend to be white or other light colors, visible dirt builds up over time. Jack’s says to add the walls to your cleaning schedule. (It lengthens the life of wallpaper and paint, too!)

12. Change those mop heads.

Does the office smell like a wet dog when you’re done? Before pointing the finger at the office canine, Janiking says to take a sniff of the mop closet. You might be unpleasantly surprised at what you find.

13. Dust from top to bottom.

What goes up must come down. Make sure you take care of higher surfaces first, so you don’t end up cleaning the same surfaces three or four times.

14. Go in with a strategy.

You make plans to organize yourself personally and professionally, why not do the same for your workspace? Busy Bee Cleaning services says, “focus on the areas which are used the most, and therefore receive the highest amounts of traffic. During office building cleaning, owners should pinpoint the areas in which customers spend the greatest amounts of time. In most cases, cleaning a reception area, bathroom, and other similar spaces should be of utmost importance when it comes to office cleaning.”

15. Install mats at all entrances.

Another bit of advice from CleanLink is to install mats wherever there are entrances to the workspace. Mats help collect dirt, snow, and other debris before it ends up on the office floor.

16. Don’t forget to deodorize!

This tip from BBC Cleaning Service is for the fridge, but feel free to use it elsewhere. Whether using a green or natural product or a traditional chemical, it’s important that the final product smell as clean as it is! For the fridge, BBC says, “For extreme leftover smells, combine coffee grounds and baking soda in a bowl and leave it in the fridge for a while. It will smell great afterward.”